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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design my website?

I am not designing websites at this time. I do website consults though if you’d like to discuss what kind of branding updates you might need, what you should look for in hiring a web designer, or where to start to design one yourself.  You can set this up by scheduling a 1-on-1 consult time. 

I just want a quick logo. Can you do that for a lower price?

A good logo design — even if it’s simple — takes much longer a lot of people realize and I pride myself on high-quality work. I’m not willing to attach my name to something that is slapped together. If that’s what you need, I’m probably not the right person for you to work with.

Can you design t-shirts and merch for me?

Not at this time. I do have some pre-made shirts that I sell in my shop here. I will continue to add to my shop. 

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